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May. 9th, 2015

Kouchi Kouchi

sixtones 6tones Six Tones 6 tones

i'm going crazy about them having an official name as a junior unit. i know, they haven't debuted yet. but this news is just so much for me already. haha. it's only been days since their name was decided and yet-- fans are already celebrating in different ways.

these pics are stolen online. i wish to properly credit the owners but i saved the images days ago without thinking, ごめん.

Feb. 12th, 2015



I know. I'm keeping this livejournal for more than 7 years now and yet, I have failed to properly introduce myself.

Let's see.

I'd be 26 this year. Birthdate: September 27, 1989
I graduated in college on April 2009. I took Bachelor of Elementary Education.
Although I'm licensed to teach in Elementary, I really don't want to.
So instead, I'm in the Customer Service industry for, say, 4 years now. I used to take in calls. But now I'm living a more passive life by working on non-voice, we're kind of maintaining a website.

I know. It's too personal, right? Haha.

Fandom and Stuff:

Since for a long time now, I don't communicate with my old friends, it's safe to say I don't really have friends. We'll I have my best friend, and few good friends keep in touch. But really, social life, I don't have one.

I'm saved by the Fandom. Johnny's Enteraintment, those who have debuted, Johnny's Jr. Drama's their in. Variety shows they appear. --my current addiction.

I've been an anime fan my whole life and it just escalated to watching live actions. JDrama over KDrama. JPop over KPop. Japan over Korea. No argument. Though I do watch some highly recommended Korean Dramas. Really. What was my point?

I am random. Obviously.

Let me make a list of my Few Faves.

Sakurai Sho of Arashi


Nishikido Ryo of Kanjani8


Yaotome Hikaru of Hey Say Jump


Tamamori Yuta of Kis-My-Ft2


Kikuchi Fuma of Sexy Zone


Yugo Kouchi of Johnny's Jr



Akanishi Jin


Taka of One OK Rock



Oguri Shun




Hongo Kanata


Sep. 29th, 2014


And so I turned 25

i wanted to give a headsup that this entry is complete randomness. well. why was i worried? no one would be reading this anyway. haha

and so I am now 25 years old. Silver.

there's really nothing. my life has been uneventful these past years. i guess i became a boring and gloomy person. for some reason, no one, ok. only a few remember my birthdate. and that. hurts.

of course it hurts. even though i didn't expect, i'm still disappointed. i'm so human. i hate that.

but still. the important people remembered it. i guess that is all that matters.

well. it's not totally because of it. but half of the reason why i deactivated my facebook account is that.. it's frustrating. why should i keep facebook when only 5 of my 300+ friends greeted me on my birthday? and i actually waited 2 more days for others to notice my birthdate and that they'd post some short greeting on my wall. or pm me. but none. nothing happened. thus, facebook deactivated. i know. i am part to blame. why did i hide my date of birth when i want my fb friends to greet me on my birthday? i don't know. i guess i just wanted to know who would really remember. and i can only count them on my fingers. sounds so sad. but i now know who to really treasure.

i'm still not sure when i'll have it activated. perhaps when i'm able to buy myself the phone i want. for some days now, i've been wanting to buy LG L70. i don't know why. love at first sight i guess. i'm not the gadget type. i'm not into smartphones. but i totally want this one.

and so i have nothing else to say. is there? no. nothing else

Sep. 23rd, 2014


First 2014 Post

It's almost a year now since my last journal entry. I've always wanted to post one, I just can't manage.
Although I have a lot of stuff in mind, I can't seem to put them into words. When I think about what to write, it has to be fandom-related right?
Mou~ really. What should I write? Is it ok to just post this like this?
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Sep. 30th, 2013


What to do What to do

Hmmm. I feel like posting something right now.
I'm not very good in organizing my thoughts so I guess I'll just write down anything that comes to mind.
First off. Hmmm. It's finally over. That Board Examination thingy. I'm not very confident about the result. But I know I don't have any regrets. I did give it my best. Results should be out by November. I wonder if my name would be on that list. Kyaaa.
Anyways. There really is nothing on this page, right? Haha. When I think about it. Before I encountered Tama (Tamamori Yuta), I was really in love with Kanata. Hongo Kanata. Wait! I do still love him! This is bad. I feel like I betrayed him.
Noooooooooo. Ja.. Kanata. Let me make it up.

I love you! Thank you for the countless times when you cheered me up and made me smile -- without you knowing.

*photos not mine. credit goes to owners. thanx

Jun. 1st, 2013


12 Words To Describe Tamamori Yuta

T Tempting
Tempting Tama
A Angelic
M Mischievous
Mischievous Tama
A Awkward
Awkward Tama
M Maidenlike
Maidenlike Tama
O Oblivious
Oblivious Tama
R Random
Random Tama
I Ideal
Random Tama
Y Yellow
Yello Tama
U Untroubled
Untroubled Tama
T Triumphant
Triumphant Tama
A Artist

Owners would probably hate me for not properly posting credits. But you see, these pictures are stolen everywhere in the Internet gathered in One Tama Album. Gomen.

May. 12th, 2013


"Because of Tamamori Yuta"

I was never an active member of LJ. Hmm. I guess it's because I always get confused about the password. You see, LJ is quite strict with the password combination you can use - caps and symbols and numbers. Really not the type of pw I use.

I'm not into blogging. I guess I'm just a bit lazy. I don't keep a journal. I don't dwell on the past. I'm the type who doesn't think too much about the future as well. I'm just enjoying what the present offers. I don't mind having a journal, but I don't want to oblige myself to update it.

So why am I suddenly posting something like this now? Hmmm. The subject says "Because of Tamamori Yuta." That's right. Recently, I've gone addicted to Tamamori Yuta. Tamamori. Tama-chan. Tama. Yuuuuuuuuuuuta. Everything about him. So I started googling. Most entries are from LJ and most are closed. I don't really have to explain the details, right? No one will be reading this anyway. Haha.

Anyways, I'm so glad I'm posting something like this here. Ja. Yoroshiku!

May. 27th, 2009


Reading FanFic

I'm really having fun. Killing time. Reading FanFic about my favorite jdramas and j-actors. I wonder if I can ever make one myself. Maa. Someday maybe? Haha. I can think about scenarios and interesting scenes. But I'm too lazy to white them down. Yoshaaa. What's next?
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Aug. 29th, 2008


Tired of Routines

Why do I have to stick with them??? I hate routines.. I heard that when you are under stress, you unconsciously stick with them -- routines.

Edit: Eh? So I actually hated it? Routines? Haha. I think I changed a bit. With the me right now, I don't mind sticking to routines. People do change, right? Haha.